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Advanced mutation testing for Java and Kotlin

Put pitest in your pull requests

From the team behind pitest the world's most popular open source mutation testing system for the JVM

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Save developer time

Arcmutate produces high quality feedback on unit tests, freeing developers to worry about other things.

Automate code review for your whole team and run mutation testing early in you development loop.


Release with confidence

Arcmutate understands modern java and can be used on even the largest of codebases.

Test acceleration, git integration and cutting edge subsumption analysis make mutation testing scale.


Refactor without fear

Mutation testing gives you the highest possible confidence in your tests, and remains the only technique to provide a safety net when refactoring the tests themselves.


Works with pitest

Arcmutate extends and improves the open source pitest framework, making the world's leading mutation testing tool for java even better.

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Easy to setup

The arcmutate pitest plugins are available on maven central. Just add a licence file to the root of your repo and you're good to go for any project built with maven or gradle.

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Git integration

With our Pro and Enterprise plans you can integrate mutation testing into your teams Pull Requests and Merge Requests, with support for GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and Azure DevOps.

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Test acceleration

Our JUnit 5 accelerator plugin can give an impressive boost to mutation testing on some codebases, reducing analysis time by 67% for Commons Lang.

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Kotlin support

Our Kotlin plugin extends pitest so it understands Kotlin bytecode, finally bringing mutation testing to the jvm's fastest growing language.

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Subsumption analysis

Arcmuate adds subsumption analysis to pitest. This reduces analysis times by removing mutants that would always be killed by the same tests as other mutants generated for a class.

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Scott Steen

By automating a time consuming task, Arcmutate has allowed the teams at Insights to focus on the quality of our software. We feel safe deploying, knowing our code is correct.

Scott Steen, Lead Software Engineer at Insights

Jan Ouwens

Arcmutate helps me to catch bugs I didn't know were there, before they're even released. The integration with GitHub pull requests makes it super easy to work with, too.

Jan Ouwens, Senior Software Developer and creator of EqualsVerifier

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