Save Developer Time

Writing and reviewing tests takes time, and to do it well requires considerable skill. By integrating pitest into git based workflows, arcmutate automates the code review of tests, freeing developers to think about other things.

Feedback from our customers suggests that arcmutate quickly pays for itself through reclaimed time alone.

Reduce Production Incidents

Mutation testing highlights behaviour that is not specified by a test. Sometimes a test is missing, but sometimes the behaviour is undesirable. It’s not specified because it’s a bug.

By automatically highlighting unspecified behaviour, mutation testing catches bugs as they are introduced, and helps developers create a safety net of tests to catch unintentional changes in the future.

A study by Google found that 70% of their high priority production incidents could have been prevented by mutation testing. Other research has revealed that teams using both mutation testing and TDD find more defects pre-release than those using TDD alone.

Arcmutate is able to create useful mutations in code that pitest alone cannot, increasing confidence when working with modern java frameworks and libraries.

Reduce Security Risk

Security defects can have a serious impact on a business. Even if your team is able to fix them quickly, they can have legal implications and cause long lasting reputational damage.

Arcmutate provides security specific mutation operators for teams using Spring, helping catch security issues early.

Reduce Maintainance Cost

Mutation testing ensures that code is covered by high-quality tests, allowing it to be easily modified in the future. It can also help reduce the amount of code that must be maintained. Equivalent mutants highlight redundant code prompting developers to refactor or remove it.